Friday, 22 April 2011

UB City Bangalore's Skyline!!

UB City is located in the heart of Bangalore hosting luxury top designer shops, restaurants, apartments & clubs. 
Stepping into this complex was amazing! Well worth visiting for the day!


[Fast Fact] Cities renamed in India

- Chennai was Madras
- Kolkata was Calcutta
Several other changes are being proposed but are yet to be sanctioned from the government.
Anyone guess what Delhi maybe renamed to?

I arrive India as ONE thing and RETURN as something else!

What are things you seek out when you travel, the experiences that really move you? 


"I believe you can read about other parts of the world, but until you
experience it, you don't really appreciate what's out there!

Roadside Barbers is a Close Shave!!!

Many barbers work on pavements in Kolkata equipped with sharp razor blades!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hyderabad Airport placed 5th! International Survey 2011

What are the things you want from an airport? For me it's quick arrivals and departures!

Taj Mahal Shuffle!

Curries for Breakfast in some Hotels Australia